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Online Counseling Orientation


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Columbia College is committed to helping you achieve your academic success. To ensure that success, we have developed our orientation program to provide you with an introduction and the necessary tools to get you successfully started at Columbia College. This orientation is considered to be a first contact with the counseling department.

Pre-Orientation Requirements
You are ready to start this orientation if you have:
  • Submitted an application to Admissions and Records or completed our online application. Please allow at least 2 business days for processing online applications.
  • Have in your possession a current schedule of classes.
  • Have access to a current Columbia College catalog which contains general information about the college, policies, course descriptions and contact information. You may pick up a catalog at Admissions and Records or the counseling office. There is no charge.
  • The online orientation has been formatted to stop you if you randomly check answers and are not seriously answering the quiz in an educational manner. You will get one chance to continue the quiz and then will be closed out of the process if you continue to randomly choose answers.

Post Orientation Assistance

This orientation contains extensive information about course selection, and other important information about being successful in college. This orientation has been developed to provide you with information to assist you in actively participating in your educational planning. After you complete this process it is strongly recommended you make a counseling appointment and talk with a counselor about questions you may have or for further information.

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  • Matriculation
  • Student Services & Programs
  • Succeeding As A Student
  • Degree, Certificate and Transfer
  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Student Education Plan