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On-Line Student Orientation



San Diego Reservoir Columbia College is committed to helping you succeed and achieve academic success. This online orientation is to provide you with an introduction and the necessary tools to get you successfully started.

Your orientation is broken into 6 sections, please read the information before you progress through each of the sections and take the quizzes.

Before you begin the Online Orientation you must:
  1. File an Application
  2. Know your Columbia College Student ID Number
  3. Know your Assessment results
  4. Allow 30 to 45 minutes to complete the Orientation and Review

You will receive an Online Orientation Completion Confirmation at the end of this program when you have completed the quizzes successfully.


Proceed to Orientation


  • Matriculation
  • Student Services & Programs
  • Succeeding As A Student
  • Degree, Certificate and Transfer
  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Student Education Plan